Transfer or Activate your Florida Real Estate license Now,
Wherever you are in Florida, even out of state

  • $39 is your annual cost (non refundable administrative fee, with annual automatic payment)-Valid for 365 days.
  • 3rd parties cost Florida State license Fee, cost of post licensing or continuing education are always at your charge and are not included.
  • 90% commission You keep 90% of the commission with no hidden fees
  • Get paid at closing by the closing agent Your commission check will not reach our account ! (most of the cases)
  • Exceptions ? NO Exceptions, the split is always 90% with no hidden fees
  • Obligations No minimum annual transaction is required, no meetings, no floor duty

BUT you agree and accept:

  • Terms and conditions & of the Independent Contractor Agreement and office policy. 
    available here.
  • Abide and respect Florida Law Ch.475
  • Deal honestly conduct a honest activity and protect your customer's best interest first

You understand that you will not be a "REALTOR®" and will not introduce yourself as a "REALTOR®" but as a "Florida Licensed Real Estate sales associate". Nor will you have access to the Private Realtor®'s MLS or any service provided by the National Association of Realtors or the Florida Realtors Association of which we are not members and do not intend to be members.

BUT: You will have access to all the details and forms in your agent section, to legally sell listings from the "Public MLS" and other public data feed from local boards in the forms of Free Phone APPS, which provides MLS listings with listing's agents contact information to schedule your showings. We closed already closed a lot of transactions and we are closing files on a very regular basis this way.

Is (the public MLS) as good as the MLS Realtors® pay for ? 
Read the answer from the REALTOR®'s association, website itself:

“Data Accuracy: More than 80% of all listings on are updated every 15 minutes with information including price changes, sold prices, and property status changes. The remaining properties are updated every one to 24 hours. The information is reliable and dependable since it’s updated continuously and directly by the MLSs“. The app states 90% of accuracy within 15 minutes. The data are almost updated live now.

How to transfer my Florida real estate license ?

Register online (not over the phone) and once your non refundable payment of $39 has been made, we will transfer you Florida Real estate license usually within 4 hours, during normal business hours.

There is no need to call us, or to be physically present, it's a full and simple online process only.

You will then receive an Email from us confirming that your license is now active with us.
You will also receive your logon and password to access your account, and access right away to :

1- Your personalized business card file, with the information you provided us, so you can order your business cards the very same day online ( or at the print shop of your choice.

2- Online audio training (less than one hour total), presented by sections with the answers to all your questions.

3- Tools, forms, marketing...

All the information and the tools that you need are accessible when you log into your account.

The $39 administrative fee covers only your initial registration and the transfer or activation of your license.
All the services, training and documents are complimentary and offered to you, to help you be successful.

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