Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.

Florida Real Estate License Transfer or Activation & Practical information

How many agents joined Active Florida Realty LLC so far ?

It's all public records! Clicking on this link will take you directly to the Florida DBPR website.

We estimate that our agents have already saved more than $750,000 in board fees by joining Active Florida Realty LLC.

How long does it take to activate/transfer my license with you ?

We usually proceed to the transfer of your license, within 4 hours. It could be a little longer during the week-end.

When can I start working ?

As soon as you receive our confirmation email that your license has been transferred or activated, you can start marketing and selling, right away.

Is the $39 annual fee refundable if I transfer my license to another brokerage firm within a year ?

The annual Fee is a non refundable fee payable when we transfer your license with us. If you decide to change of broker and then come back to us, you will have to pay the fee again when we transfer your license back. As long as your license stays active with us you're good for a full year. The $39 fee is an administrative fee to register your License with us. Everything else that we provide is complimentary to help you sell.

What if I transfer my license with another Broker and leave you ?

You can transfer your license from our brokerage to any other brokerage in Florida at any time, without any penalties or dues of any sort. If you have any pending transaction, you will be paid in full, when payment is received and usually at closing by the closing agent. You do not need to contact us, your new broker will transfer your real estate license from his end.

What if I want to transfer my license with you from another Brokerage ?

Just transfer your license online and that's it ! The transfer will be effective as soon as we have reviewed and transferred your online application. There is no need to inform your actual broker, but professionally that would be the right thing to do !

Can I avoid paying the $39 annual fees ?

Unfortunately, you will need to pay this administrative fee when you transfer you license with us, and every year to keep your license active (state fees and contiinuing education not included)

Can I sell Real Estate without being a Realtor® ?

The name Realtor® belongs to the National Association of REALTORS®. There is NO obligation for a Licensed Real Estate Broker and his office agents (that would be you), to be members of any association. This way you do not have to pay any association Fees, but you are legally entitled to work and get compensated, because you have a current License. We are not Realtors® and our office does not intend to become a member of the Realtor® Association. You will not have access to the MLS reserved to Realtors®, but you already have access to the "Public MLS" on several websites like and that's all you need !. It will be explained in your member area where you will be guided in details step by step.

Can I sell listings from the MLS ?

Yes! The MLS is Free to access on thousands of websites, and especially on the association operated website Like anybody else, you can use these websites and show these listings. You will get all the details and legal tools in your member area, and it will be explained step by step, and it's very easy and very practical.

There is now a much better FREE MLS than "", a real full and free access to MLS listings with full direct contact information of the listing agent including cell phone and email. It's in the form of Free Phone APPS, which provides MLS listings with listing's agents contact information to schedule your showings. We already closed a lot of transactions this way and we are closing files on a very regular basis this same way.It's fully explained in the training section.

So I can work with Realtors® and get 90% commission ?

Yes, absolutely, and this is 100% legal. All the details are in your audio training section, and by the way, we made it very simple and effective.

Is (the public MLS) as good as the MLS Realtors® pay for ?

Read the answer from the official website itself "Data Accuracy: More than 90% of all listings on are updated every 15 minutes with information including price changes, sold prices, and property status changes. The remaining properties are updated every one to 24 hours. The information is reliable and dependable since it's updated continuously and directly by the MLSs".

There is now a much better plateform than "", a real full and free access to MLS listings with full direct contact information of the listing agent including cell phone and email. It's fully explained in the training section.

What if I need to list a property for sale ?

In your member area, we will explain, how you can list and sell properties without being a member of the Realtor® association. You will even have an important advantage on your competition and pass some serious savings to the seller. So, Yes, you can even take listings and sale with a potential higher net proceeds for your seller ! And by the way if you want to list a property on the MLS, it's possible too ( service for fee not provided by us or included).

So, I can really work ? This is not some kind of referral or holding license brokerage ?

You can absolutely work!  You will sell as a "Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate", isn't it what your license says ? We want you to be able to produce and get 90% of the commission. There is no trick, no gimmick, you are empowered  to sell like any other licensed professional on the field. If you make 90%, we make 10% and that's fair enough. You work without any pressure, whenever you want, and produce if you can, whenever you can, but that's not going to cost you hundreds of dollars every year..just in case..

Can I do referrals ?

Yes ! and our policy is very flexible. You can work with the Florida licensed brokerage or agent of your choice. We will provide you with all the forms and details when you join.

Can I use my own forms or FAR Forms. ?

FAR Forms are reserved to its members only (unless stated otherwise on the form, and it's often the case). You cannot use any of these forms (when not permitted) , unless the form has been already filled out by the other agent (A Realtor). In that case your are allowed to work with this form. We have developed our own approach and working method. You will find all the answers in your member area, to help you conduct successful transactions, and we believe our method is easier, faster and will reduce considerably your liability. We also have new options available for experienced agents, please contact us for more information.

Romy Jurado, Esq. Click to watch the video

How fast will I get paid ?

Our goal is to never receive your commission share on our operating account. When you have an executed contract, you will provide us with all closing information and we will request a direct disbursement of your commission directly at closing by the closing agent (authorized by FREC final order DS-98-02 ). So there is no reason why you should not be paid directly at closing (under the condition that your file is complete and has been made available timely for review and authorized by the closing agent).

Where do I deposit escrow money ?

We voluntarily do not have an Escrow account. You can choose the title company or the attorney of your choice or use our professionals from our preferred network list and deposit escrow monies directly in their trust or escrow account. Make arrangements with these professionals to deposit funds directly on their trust or escrow accounts. Most of them will provide their account information in a Florida bank with a large network of branches to facilitate the operations.

How can I get my business cards ?

As soon as you get your login access, you will receive your personalized Business cards file, prepared with the information you provided us. You can go to any printing shop or to any online print shop like and get your new printed cards just by uploading the personalized file that we have prepared especially for you.

How can I get my training ?

You will find in your agent's member area, some very valuable tools and audio courses, from experts in Real Estate Law, Sales and Marketing and more. We have answered almost each and every question you may have as a working Agent.

I am miles away from your Brokerage ?

We serve all FLORIDA LICENSEES, wherever you are, even out of State, or out of the country. There is no difference if you are 2 miles or 500 miles away from us. We will provide the same support, attention and care. We have also implemented a Free "cloud" solution to exchange documents and provide the easiest and most effective compliance procedure possible, regarding your transactions.

One to One Training ?

We do not provide "One to One Training" or in house seminars, but you will get electronic and audio support from your broker. You will also at registration receive your broker's cell phone number and email, so you can call, text or email any question you may have.

Do you give leads ?

Not yet, but we may in the future. We provide some simple strategies to find customers in your training area and in our newsletter.

Can I receive commissions when I am a party of the transaction (my own deals)?

Absolutely, you will get 90% commission on your own deals. Don't forget to disclose in writing that your are licensed, it's the the Law.

Post Licensing, Continuing Education and License Renewal ?

Renewing your license and taking all required courses is your responsibility. We are part of the Gold Coast Schools Referral program, and you may have some special discounts for your CE when you mention our ID #1018120

Do I have to work or attend meetings ?

You have NO Obligation to produce or to work, It's entirely up to you. Now, with an active license you can refer clients to another licensed agent and get part of the commission with the help of a signed commission agreement (available in your member area section). But again, our goal is to help you "Produce" and get 90% of the commissions you will make.

No-competing Broker and protected listings ?

We are a no-competing Broker with a protected listings policy. It means that you keep your clients and your listings, even if you leave us.

Compliance and exchange of files ?

We have implemented a Free "Cloud" solution, where you keep all your Real Estate files accessible, so we can review them, and be compliant with Florida Law 24/7.

What if I need Help ?

At registration, you will receive your broker's cell phone number and email address for direct contact. We are also implementing a network of providers to help you with your transactions. Attorneys, title companies, Home inspectors, Web Designers, SEO experts....You will find soon an extensive address book of trusted professionals in your member area.

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